Disney Infinity Play Sets

Disney Infinity Play Sets are most comparable to the Adventure Packs from Skylanders. Each Play Set is themed around a film or film franchise, and estimated to offer between six and nine hours of gameplay. The play experience can extend well beyond 10 hours if the player or players chooses to locate every collectible item and complete every task offered outside the core missions.

Each Disney Infinity Play Set will come with two figures. Additional figures with specific missions to complete within the Play Sets will be available as single pack purchases.

An important factor to keep in mind regarding the Disney Infinity Play Sets is that only characters and figures from the same film can play within them. For example, Captain Barbossa can be used in the Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set, but he cannot be used in the Monsters University Play Set.

Disney Infinity Play Sets are priced at $34.99 each and will be regularly released over the year following the game’s release.

Disney Infinity Play Sets

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