Disney Infinity Figures Toy Box Packs

Disney Infinity Toy Box PackDisney Infinity figures toy box packs are designed to offer two figures from the same film/television show/theme that do not fit into a Play Set. The first pack is scheduled to be released in late November, 2013, and is designed to offer two characters from the Disney animated film Frozen that comes out around the same time.

Each Disney Infinity figures toy box pack includes two figures and two corresponding Power Discs. For example, the Frozen toy box pack includes figures of Anna and Elsa as well as the Frozen Texture Set and Skydome Power Discs.

Disney Interactive has priced the Disney Infinity toy box packs at $29.99, which breaks down to $12.99 per each figure and approximately $2.50 for each of the Power Discs. The Frozen Power Discs are expected to be available in wave 2 as well as in the Frozen toy box pack.

It is expected that Disney Interactive will additionally sell the figures from the Disney Infinity toy box packs individually as well sans the Power Discs.

Disney Infinity Figures Toy Box Packs

  • Frozen Toy Box Pack (wave 1, November 26, 2013 release)
  • Wreck-It Ralph Toy Box Pack
  • Phineas and Ferb Toy Box Pack