Disney Infinity Figures

There are currently three different ways to purchase Disney Infinity figures.

Disney Infinity Starter Pack FiguresStarter Pack Figures

The Disney Infinity starter pack includes three figures. There is no difference between these figures regardless of which console or platform the starter pack is purchased for, and each figure will work on any version of the game.

These three figures are expected to be the easiest to obtain since everyone who wants to own and play the game will have to buy them.

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Disney Infinity Single Captain Barbossa FigureSingle Pack Figures

The most common way to purchase a Disney Infinity figure is in a single blister pack. By building your Disney Infinity figure collection this way, you are only getting the figures you want and limiting the potential for duplicates.

The downside to this tactic is the cost of a single pack is slightly higher than buying figures in bulk. Also, single pack figures not found in larger packs tend to be naturally harder to find, especially if they are not part of the first wave of figures.

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Disney Infinity Three Pack FiguresThree Pack Figures

Disney Infinity figures will also be available in three pack configurations. If you plan wisely and don’t purchase figures that appear in the three packs as singles, you will be able to save a few bucks by filling our your character roster first with three packs and then filling in the holes with singles. Not all figures will be made available in three pack configurations.

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Rare and Exclusive Figures

Currently there are no known rare or exclusive Disney Infinity figures. However, it is widely expected that Disney will release “chase” figures that are harder to obtain than other figures. We will be tracking and reporting on these chase figures as soon as they are revealed. The general consensus is that Disney will unveil the first chase figure or figures before the end of 2013.

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Future Disney Infinity Figures

Additional figures that will be introduced at a later date will be added to this page when information on them is available. If Disney Infinity follows the Skylanders pattern, expect multiple different types of figures in varying sizes to appear over the coming years.

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