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The video game Disney Infinity will be available beginning August 18, 2013 and has been designed by Disney Interactive and developer Avalanche Software to constantly evolve as new characters and levels are introduced over time. The Disney and Pixar worlds are stuffed with characters both new and old, all ready to be digitized and come to life in the game. The following guide will help you keep track of which Disney Infinity characters are available to purchase as collectible toy figures (figurines) or are only available as NPC’s. It is our intention to include images, videos and any available information about each character on their respective dedicated pages.

Disney Infinity Characters: Toy Figures

The Disney Infinity characters toys are reserved, at least for now, for the hero figures from select Disney and Pixar films. For example, the Starter Pack includes Sully from Monsters Inc., Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean films, and Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles. Each of these characters has unique abilities and powers that will aid them in conquering the Play Sets they are designed to play in. Other characters will be available to purchase individually or in three-pack sets. The configuration of which characters will be bundled together in the three-packs has yet to be revealed.


Disney Infinity Characters: NPCs

Other secondary characters will pop up to aid you in your mission while playing the Disney Infinity Play Set missions. For example, in The Incredibles Play Set, you will run into Mirage, Edna and Syndrome.

At launch there will be a total of 20 playable Disney Infinity characters available as toys, and an unknown number of supporting NPC characters. More information on all of the available Disney Infinity characters will be published as soon as it is revealed.